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Lauren817 Nothing short of spectacular, Divergent is simply one of the best of the year, if not ever. Heart-racing, unique, extremely well-written, and spellbinding, there wasn't a time when I wasn't racing to get through this, eager to see what would occur next, and in the rare occasion I wasn't able to read it for a time, I was constantly thinking about it and dying to find a way to read more.

There were so many fantastic things in Divergent that I don't where to began, though I guess I'll start with the world.

Veronica Roth has created quite the atmosphere in this one. Unique and interesting, there wasn't a time when I wasn't curious to find out more about the five fractions, as well as what each entitled for the remembers. Specifically, I loved learning about the Dauntless, because while it sounded scary, it also seemed like fun, something that would give anyone quite the thrill so to say.

Even better, I loved the characters. Tris was someone I came to admire and adore over time, because I loved how she not only become someone so brave and fearless over time, but she was also someone who would go to the end of the world to be there for her friends, especially Four, a guy who was cocky, adorable, secretive, and someone I came to love nearly as much Tris did over time. I also loved seeing her interact with her new friends, because not only did a different side of Tris come out when she was with them, but they also brought even more funny and heartbreaking scenes to the mix.

And when the characters and world were mixed together, it created quite a plot. There were so many twists and turns within this one that I never exactly knew how everything was going to end, and more importantly, I loved how Veronica didn't shy away from the gritty parts within this: the death, the scars people have, the fight to find your way in life, everything was in this and nearly perfect.

As you can also probably imagine, Veronica's writing was simply spectacular in this. She created such an amazing and powerful novel in this with her immense talent, talent that I can't wait to see more of as time goes on.

And the ending? I adored it. It has left me craving to read the sequel, as I know it will be even better than Divergent, and even more importantly, it wasn't nearly as cliff-hanger-ish as I thought it would be.

Heartbreaking, unique, and daring, Divergent is a novel that will manage to gain plenty of fans once its release. But word of warning, you may need a box of tissues along with you, because this book isn't always for the fair-hearted.

Grade: A+


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Divergent – Movie Poster (Regular Sty…

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